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Do you Want To Find True Love? Dating Expats and Other Advice


For many dating expats who live in the US, Canada, UK, and countries, it is relatively easier to date openly as the notion of interracial dating has become less and less controversial. However, if you happen to have friends, family, or relatives who are uncomfortable with your newcross-cultural relationship, there are several things that you can do to help ease the situation:

You need to consider your location. There are many communities with a rich mix of culture and higher acceptance for diversity. However, there are also many places where you or your partner can feel threatened because the community has low tolerance for cross-cultural relationship such as yours. Many dating expats have experienced being threatened while living in a community where not everyone are as accepting of all races. If you really want to be sure, then move to a place where both you and your partner feel safe and accepted. It can be a really tough choice to just get up and move to another place but if you feel that your partner is someone who is worth sacrificing for, then go for it. Do not just accept things as they are and fight for your right to be with your true love.

Another way to make things easier for you and your partner to carry on with your cross-cultural relationship is to avoid being with people who are not accepting of your relationship. Sad as it maybe, you can have friends or family members who disapprove of the relationship. This bias will only show once you show your partner around. Watch out for facial expressions and odd behaviors as these can tell you that your friend is uncomfortable being around your partner who is from a different race. Running away from the problem won’t solve anything. One of the best ways to do it is by talking about the issue and making a decision of being with your partner no matter what the odds are. This way, you will be able to answer the question, how can I find love?

You are in a relationship with your partner and this means focusing your energy on making the cross-cultural relationship work instead of listening to people blabber about how negative it is to be in such a partnership. Know that there are more people who are accepting of mixed cultures. The ones who don’t can just be due to the lack of knowledge or experience being in one. If you happen to find yourself in this predicament, it is no one’s business but yours. Dating expats is a whole new experience for you to explore and enjoy so don’t let other people tell you what you need to do.

The Attractive Power of a Man’s Voice

Ever see a picture of a woman with a nice pair of knockers, and stop to examine more closely? Of course you have, you’re a man and you can’t resist.

Women, of course, know this, which is why they not only feature cleavage (secretly pleased to catch men noticing it), but spend big dollars to get more of it. Women like to be noticed by men.

Sadly, the reverse does not hold true for men. Sure, women will notice a good looking man, but rarely will they be enthralled by him like all men are enthralled by a nice pair (I have met two guys who were exceptions to this in entire my life, who were so perfectly blessed with the perfect body and smile that all they had to do was sit in a bar and wait until the phone numbers started to arrive).

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had something that could enthrall women like a pair of knockers enthralls men?

Well, guess what, you do—it’s called your voice, and few men recognize the attractive power of a man’s voice. Now, when I say voice, I don’t mean a faux seductive voice, or lowering your voice to a false whisper. What I mean is a voice that is full of male energya voice women love to hear.

One of the most attractive things you can do is feature your male energy in your voice, dialing it up, and dialing it down like a woman decides how much skin to show.

You do this as you talk to a woman, conveying emotion about various parts of the stories you tell her, expressing mirth, sarcasm, annoyance at others, and a wide range of emotions that build, crest, and fall.

The unattractive man has a voice that is flat. All his stories (if he has any) are the same, and his voice is devoid of energy. He doesn’t laugh much, and feels very tight.

An attractive man has loose, easy confidence, and is never afraid to say anything. He’s animated in a controlled way, excited without being excitable, and literally controls how a woman feels inside with his voice.

Ever hear of a woman saying she had “butterflies” in her stomach around a man? A lot of that comes from an energetic male voice that creates the feeling of attraction.

Your voice is important, and it takes awhile to find yours. You constantly want to be testing out new things, borrowing styles from people you admire, trying them out and making them your own. Keep at it, and soon you will have the male equivalent of cleavage…the ability to enthrall on command.



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